Burnett Creek Trail

Written by Raymond Hamilton.

Elevation Difficulty Recommended Use Distance Season
Unknown Difficult

2.5 Miles Unknown

Driving Directions:

From Dolores, Colorado, Trail begins at the end of Forest Road 422. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended for use on this road although it is passable with a 2-wheel-drive, high clearance vehicle when very dry. Road length is approximately 3.0 miles. Proceed north on Colorado State Highway 145 to the town of Rico. After reaching Rico, you will pass a gas station on your left and shortly beyond this is a one story brick school building. Turn left at the end of this block. Bear left when this road forks. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn right up a rather steep looking gravel road. This is the beginning of the jeep road. In approximately 0.5 mile, the road forks--keep to your left. The trailhead is posted 3.0 miles further up the road.

Hiking Directions:

This is one of the quickest accesses to the Calico Trail for those able to drive to the actual trailhead. After passing through the spruce-fir environment which supports a variety of larger mammals (elk, mule deer, coyote) you will cross meadows dominated by various species of sedges, forbs, and alpine meadow flowers which support the smaller mammals (pika and shrew). A variety of birds prey upon these mammals. The trail offers good views of the mountains around Rico and of the high elevation area around Storm and Landslip Mountain Peaks. Before beginning this trek, take into consideration the elevation climb and be sure to be carrying plenty of water. This trail, while identified on the San Juan National Forest Map, is not found on the 1960 USGS topographic map (Rico).


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